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The Bunny Track

The first component to the BBC Ecosystem will be The Bunny Track. As we know Bunnies love to hop around and our Bunnies are no different. The Bunny Track will be a place where Bunny NFT holders can compete against other holders in races. Just like in real life, the outcome of the races will not be based purely on skills, but also on luck.

Bunny Runner Holders

Bunny Runner Holders will be able to put their Bunnies to work at the Bunny Track. Here at The Bunny Track, the Bunnies will compete in a race to the finish line. The winning Bunny will receive their favorite treat, $CARROTS.


Spectators of the race will be able to bid $CARROTS on which Bunny they believe will win the race. The lucky Spectators who picks the winning bunny will receive $CARROTS based on the odds of the race. To obtain $CARROTS please refer to the Carrots section in this paper.